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Mabotho specializes in making luxury goods mostly for women, but also makes gender neutral products. Currently our anchor product is ladies handbags. Our products are custom made of genuine leather. Each product is unique from the next and each tells its own story. Our value chain begins in the villages of rural KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, right up to international exhibitions in locations such as New Orleans in the United States.

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2 Mabotho models on a couch with handbags
A Mabotho model on a couch with handbag
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Thobekile - Owner of Mabotho

Our Brand Story

The brand owes its existence to the need to create fashionable items that tell the African story. A story known by many but told by very few. Thobekile’s passion for Mabotho was also kept alive by the desire to celebrate her heritage while making the most of her inheritance – 7 cows left behind by her grandfather.

As a South African of Zulu heritage, growing up she associated cattle with wealth. While she was sitting at her late grandfather’s farmhouse she took notice of one of his majestic cattle that were in her presence – the beautiful brown and white pattern had her in awe and it was then she decided to manufacture leather products of outstanding quality.
As a young lady, hard work is the most viable option to maintain an undying legacy in honor of her grandfather. For a designer, hard work is portrayed through detail, quality and perfection which are characteristic of all Mabotho items.
Our products are handcrafted by artisans from various parts of Africa who are united by every item that bears our brand. Every piece of material, pattern and color used to create our products, aims to narrate a story that has long been yearning to be told.

Season Sale

Our product line constantly changes making our items limited edition

International Shipping

In edition to stores carrying our products, we also ship internationally.

Quality Guarantee

Each bag and item is inspected inside and out so 100% quality is delivered.

The Best Quality
good made by hand.

Mabotho crafts each product with love and care to deliver the best product possible to our customers. We carry a large variety of fashion items and accessories that include:

Mabotho Wallets and Bags

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